Full Figured Women Are Big And Beautiful

Woman Sitting Cross Legged on a Rug

What is beautiful? In today’s mainstream media it seems to be the skinny type. You know the kind with amazing Hollywood bodies! Well, to me it’s any woman. You should be comfortable being WHO YOU ARE. Accept everything about yourself, even your size. Your size is likely beautiful for many.

Some men only focus on women who are “of size” so you should never feel bad about that either. Some men even call themselves “chubby chasers“, such as this guy who absolutely loves big women.

Here we have women worrying about the least important things in life, how we look. There are billions and billions of people in the world and we are all different. That’s life. Accept it. Here in the fatosphere plus-size dating sites are popular, so you can definitely find a match here with somebody who loves you, and even more for your size.

If you don’t listen to media and famous instagram profiles like Kayla Itsines, who promote a perfect “bikini body workout”. Of course, that’s what most women believe is important because of this mass-hypnosis in the media. Just because you are not slim, doesn’t mean you are a bad person. Take me for instance.

I play normally with my two kids. We have fun. I can throw balls with them, walk the dog and take them to the movies or the zoo. I have no problems at all with this. Sometimes I do feel a bit heavy, but nothing is stopping me from enjoying my life. I hope you too can experience life in the fullest by being who you are. To me and many others out there, full figured women truly are beautiful.

If you want to lose fat for some reason, do it because YOU want to, not because you feel pressured by others. Especially media or nay-sayers. I was on a huge dieting spree several years ago and it didn’t make me happier. Honestly, it only made me feel worse about myself, until I realized I was living exactly how I feel and didn’t have to cater to anyone, with anything. That’s something to be proud of.

Tell me what you think below, shouldn’t we love ourselves just the way we are?

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